Thursday, March 23, 2006

Detox Foot Spa Colours

Well I suppose a good way to blast off this detox blog is to prattle on a bit about the colours you see after having a Cell Med Detox treatment.

Firstly; the client should always be told that the colour change will happen even if their feet are not immersed in the detox foot spa and it is more important what physical symptoms that they notice following the treatment. Positive benefits commonly reported include:

Feeling clear headed, Uplifted, Better nights sleep, Relief from PMT, Relief from PMS, Improved Mobility, Relief from arthritis pain.

I was personally convinced after about three weeks of using the Cell Med Detox when I saw someone walk out of the room a lot easier than they had walked in.

And the fact that people keep coming back suggests there is something more than just a placebo at work.

Before I get flamed I agree that the colour change happens because of the array.

But what you do see happening; when people have a poor diet, are heavy smokers or are over weight is more of the colour change taking place, green frothing and generally the water turning black.

The real acid test is to do a treatment without your feet in the detox spa and see what happens.

You will get a colour change happening similar to as if your feet where in but generally not as much.

The important difference is that the client will not feel any of the benefits that can be varied and many.

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Anona said...

I have recently started detox treatments and so far have had two and am due to have a 3rd one soon. I have not noticed anything in general yet but maybe I will notice something after my impending treatment. Possibly it takes longer for some people to notice a difference than others who maybe notice a difference on their first treatment. It is interesting to note on the "original post" that one can do an acid treatment without ones feet in the detox spa, did not know that. My water was bright orange on the 2nd treatment and some acid where as the 1st one was not so orange as I had been drinking more water. I do not smoke and my weight and diet is fairly good. I have not had any treatments without my feet in the detox spa.

The Detox Team said...

Hi Anona, some people notice a difference straight away, some people it takes a few treatments like you say. Some people don’t feel anything at all, the treatment works regardless of colour change or how you feel, although this tends to be the yard stick that people go by.

AS a practitioner I wouldn't expect to do a treatment where the client pays £30 to watch what happens without their feet in, but I would expect the therapist to inform the client that there are 4 factors that make up the colour change:
1 the fact that their is an array in the water
2 How many time the array has been used
3 any pollutants in the water, copper, flouride, chlorine etc.
4 The clients feet.

As a practitioner what you will tend to see from treatment to treatment, person to person is a difference in colour and amount of froth that appears but you can in no way make a diagnosis from this (at least in the UK this is against medical and advertising standards)

Anonymous said...

Today, Monday April 3rd I should have had my 3rd detox treatment. However have started on another treaatment and it seems I cannot have any other treatments with this new one called "The Bowen Technique". I should have a few of these treatments every 7-10 days then I can go back to my detox treatments. My elderly Mum has had her first detox in her life a couple of days ago. She thought it interesting especially to see her water colour which was dark brown. I have not asked her how she felt yet but hope she will tell me in due course. She did mention the treatment was very good and relaxing. Also Mum mentioned the "the detox team" gave her foot pads to put on her feet at night. I did not know one could use foot pads, as my therapist had not told me about them. However I did ask my therapist here about the pads and it seems that I can use them (even if I am am having the Bowen), which I would like to do. Will let "the detox team" know when I try them out.

Anona said...

Monday May 1st. My elderly mother has had another detox. Mum has had a swelling on one foot and after her detox today it was not as swollen which is good. It seems by having a detox more frequently it helps the toxicty to deplete in ones body which is benefical. I have not had a detox for about two wks however will be having one on Wednesday May 3rd. I will be interested to know what colour the detox spa will be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Detox Team,
You can tell your clients anything and they'll believe you. They are desperate. My dear chiropractor has been deceived by this ridiculous high school science project scam and is promoting it. No amount of reason would be likely to change her mind.

Really!? Feet don't have to be actually stuck in the spa to have the electrodes to be corroded by the salt water and give off a brown (rust) residue into the water? Shoot! Stick anything in the water - stick a Barbie doll's feet into the water - or nothing; Barbie will surely give off major toxins as she is obviously a sick girl, and believing that nothing (except Twilight Zone "vibes" from a person) will work as well as actually sticking their feet in the spa is sadly funny.

A fool and their money are soon parted I've always heard, and am sure I've fallen for a lot of roody pooh that promised a cure myself over the years.

Keep your money.

Anonymous said...

If the blog owner is an honest blog owner, my previous comment will be taken under advisement, honestly researched and published.

The Detox Team said...

"Really!? Feet don't have to be actually stuck in the spa to have the electrodes to be corroded by the salt water and give off a brown (rust) residue into the water?"

So What's your point caller?
I'd understand your comment if I was trying to say that the scum was caused by the detox, I'm not, so what's your point?
I've already agreed with you before you've made your post.

My point is that the colours are not caused by the detox effect.

Here's the science bit, and as far as I am aware its theory,
As the body absorbs more toxins from every day living an imbalance ofpositive ions will form around the cell wall of cells in the body and prevent the cells from releasing toxins.

The ionisation effect of the array causes this layer of + ions to be broken down and the cell can then release stored toxins and absorb nutrients.

> So now that I have been good enough to publish your comment like you asked, if you would like to make a further comment, why not leave us your name and I will know who to address in responding to you further.

Sharon said...

I've had excellent results with energy, improved mental clarity and got rid of a large patch of fungus that was unresponsive to any typical treatment. My husband dumped a lot of black metallic smelling stuff. It smelled just like his clothes used to smell when he came home from work after a day as a lathe operator working on metal.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a detox foot spa at Ebay for USD$180 including postage. I have only tried it twice so it is too early to see result. The water is not only turned brown, there is also small foam and black/brown flecks. The manufacturer also recommended that the array is immersed for at least 5 minutes after each used in water and household bleach in proportion 30:1. I read a lot of hostile comment that said the treatment was a scam. There are lots of angry people out there. It worries me a bit though. Maybe I should try it as well on my Barbie doll and see how it goes. Kiama, Australia

The Detox Team said...

Hi Kiama, I can confirm that barbie will turn the water brown!

Quote from the top:
"Firstly; the client should always be told that the colour change will happen even if their feet are not immersed in the detox foot spa and it is more important what physical symptoms that they notice following the treatment."

you have your own machine now so persevere with the treatment for a month having 1 or 2 treatments a week and let us know how you get on.

Remember to drink plenty of water before during and after the treatment.

I wouldn't clean the array in bleach though!
I use an array cleaning fluid from FootDetox which is gentler on the environment and yourself.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who does foot detox at her office. She told me that a person who often ate sushi came in for a treatment and by then end of the treatment there were two small worms floating on the surface of the water. So it really can be useful at ridding the body of parasites. Of course the idea of worms coming out of my feet has me so freaked out I'm afraid to try it.

The Detox Team said...

Worms! I have never witnessed that and its the first time I've heard of it, I used to work as a practitioner with the foot detox and never saw the like.

Normally the worst thing to witness is the smell that sometimes comes from a treatment.

You'll be fine, have a try and let us know how you get on.

Sofia said...

I am just going to put this out there as a personal experience. First off I have always read about this type of treatment and have been curious. Now to be honest with you my feet are rough and callused & I have a planter wort (so the doctors have said) on one foot. I have tried the ointments and pads for removing these type or wort with no positive results. I was actually thinking of having it cut off (the wort that is). So this is what happen When I had the detox. Of course I was in disbelief of the water color change. But as I see now that is merely a chemical reaction with the salt minerals and or metals naturally present in the water.
But from first hand experience I felt tingling in the callused areas upon my treatment. Now it has been two months since that treatment and my planter wort is almost gone away. My feet are softer and my ankle joints aren't as stiff. I have never been one to put lotion on my feet but I am now planing to buy my own machine.

The Detox Team said...

Hi Sofia,

Your observations are very in keeping with how we try to promote the detox foot spa's, that it has got nothing to do with colour change but all to do with what you observe happening in your body.

If you are in the UK I would recommend purchasing a home spa from here if you are further afield a quick google should bring up a local supplier.

Anonymous said...

My foot detox treatment had me amazed. I did experience the black flakes that were explained as metal. But what I am most freaked out about is the one little white dot that was explained as a parasite! She explained this could be due to sushi, walking barefoot, or having animals (which all apply to me). But I am searching for information that might make me feel less disgusting, if possible. There is not much info out there regarding this.

The Detox Team said...

I think your practitioner should have put the little white dot under a microscope to confirm what it was.

Its statements like that that have caused so much bad press about detox foot spas.

It could have as easily/more likly have been a by-product from the electrolosis that saying it was a parasite.

It is illegal in the UK to make claims about what is coming out of the machine. The fact that you feel better afterwards is enough.

To start diagnosing by colours etc is not on.

Some research was done on this about 5yrs ago but the Advertising Standards Agency would not accept it and neither should you.